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I am only promoting sound money and education using Kinesis Money. The "Join Kinesis" buttons will take you to the official Kinesis Money site if you're interested in joining under my referral code. If you have any questions, please email me. This is a great opportunity that includes physical gold and silver, crypto, fiat (USD, EUROS, GBP, etc.), passive monthly income with yields, and a blockchain to send payment anywhere in the world in seconds.

What is Kinesis Money? 

Kinesis Money is a blockchain based monetary system that includes precious metals, fiat (USD, EUROS, GBP, etc.) and cryptocurrencies on one exchange. Send payments to anyone on Earth in seconds! If you don't want to keep your metals in one of 13 registered, fully allocated, fully insured vaults, ship it right to your door! Kinesis constantly analyzes the lowest prices on gold and silver, offering the lowest prices on the market! Vaults are 3rd party audited twice per year and results are publicly posted on their website. Best part of all? You get paid monthly just for being a part of it! 

Kinesis Money

Why should I use it?

Traditional banks and the Federal Reserve (which isn't Federal by the way) destroy your purchasing power by creating currency from absolutely nothing. In addition to this fraud, they charge extremely high interest, overages, and numerous other fees just for using YOUR hard-earned cash. This is all at YOUR expense, as banks simply pay small fines if they commit fraud, then get bailed out by the taxpayer when they make a bad trade! Fractional Reserve banking is a whole other story: You ever see the "FDIC Insured up to $250k USD" signs in your local bank? This is to prevent a bank run on cash, when in reality they only have enough to cover $230 per person in the US. The cash ISN'T THERE. Kinesis Money seeks to correct this with fully allocated metals (which can't be printed from nothing) and a blockchain to verify everything within the system, along with third party audits.

Kinesis is the first of its kind, putting money BACK into the hands of its users, paid out monthly. 57.5% of all fees come back to us! These payouts are much higher than savings/checking APY, meaning you get more simply for holding gold and silver with Kinesis. (Storage with Kinesis is free as well!) What would you do with an extra $50-$10k+ a month?

Kinesis Money

How does it work?

Kinesis is able to pay you monthly from the small transaction fees it takes on the platform. Exchange trades are 0.22%, and account transactions cost 0.45%. To put this into perspective, you can pay anyone on Earth $1000 in 2-3 seconds, for an additional fee of $4.50. It's cheaper and faster than wire transfers or ACH. Kinesis pays the majority of these fees back to YOU the user, making it even more cost effective than traditional banks. Most banks keep all of the fees and interest, Kinesis has decided to give these to YOU, so both parties benefit. It's truly a win-win.

Kinesis Money

How does Kinesis protect me and my savings?

Gold and silver have been REAL money for thousands of years, with every paper fiat currency failing horrifically (hyperinflation) within 28 years of its creation, on average. During troubled times investors move into metals to preserve their purchasing power. Metals are terribly undervalued due to unallocated bullion exchanges: they sell metals they don't have and hope no one takes delivery. Think of it this way: A car dealership sells 100 titles to ONE vehicle, and each 'title owner' thinks they own a car. The problem arises when the owners' figure this out and try to pick up 'their' car. 100 believe its theirs, but only 1 gets the actual car. The remaining 99 'owners' are screwed. This is how major exchanges like the COMEX and LBMA work, along with all fractional reserve banks. They HOPE you don't come for your money, because it's NOT THERE.

Remember, it's not the cost of everything going 'up', your dollars (euros, yuan, etc.) are losing value daily through massive currency creation. With Kinesis you can rest easy as your gold and silver are there and accounted for, ready for delivery at any time. For more information on market manipulation, and the paper commodities frauds, check out Arcadia Economics, GoldSilverPros, and WallStreetSilver on YouTube.

Kinesis Money

Ok, so what's the catch?

There really aren't any. I will disclose that the JOIN KINESIS button is a referral link, so if you like what Kinesis is doing, please consider signing up under my referral link. It's free to join, although accounts require KYC verification. Kinesis has a full legal team to ensure compliance in all the territories in which it operates. I have been with them for 2 years and have had zero issues with domestic (US) wires, international wires, security breaches, or any transaction on the platform. Kinesis is designed to be self-sustaining, and a portion of the fees collected go to expanding operations, marketing, maintenance and security, etc. The rest goes to its users!

Gold and Silver are true monetary freedom, which is why I promote it. Kinesis is the bridge between metals, crypto, and fiat; all on one platform. Disclosure: I am not and have never been an employee of Kinesis, I am simply a fan of it and see its benefits for ANYONE using it, not just me. We all win when the parasitic fractional reserve banking system is destroyed.

Kinesis Money

So when will I get rich?

I obviously can't guarantee that, but Kinesis has a unique yield system. You get paid monthly simply for holding metals with Kinesis, spending using your VISA debit card, using the exchange, minting your own metals onto the system, sending money anywhere, or referring friends. You can find out more about the yield system here. The more you use it, the more you're able to make. Some users are living off of these monthly yields or supplementing their income with it! 

A very unique feature is the KVT or Kinesis Velocity Token, which entitles the holder to a portion of the 20% of all fees collected. If you have a KVT you get a percentage every transaction, trade, minting event, etc. paid out monthly. Only 300,000 were ever created, and the earning potential can be astronomical when Kinesis takes off. 



Join the self-sustaining, fully allocated, secure, monetary system of Kinesis Money today! You work hard for your money, now make it work for you!


An excellent 10-part video series that will turn your perception of money on its head.



+200k Users united around the world, for sound money!

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